Sea Service Analytics – Interpret your sea service quickly and easily

Did you know that the sea service section on your my-ankaa dashboard is arguably the most important part of your my-ankaa profile?

Firstly, the sea service analytics is what employers and recruiters want to see as it makes it easy for them to decide at a glance whether you’re a candidate they should take to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Secondly, as seafarers, we know that the most annoying thing is when you’re back at home with your family and friends, and then the Agency call asking you lots of questions which they need answers for there and then to get you on another vessel.

Potential employers will find it easy to see first-hand your experience at a glance and also the fact you have taken the time to input all the data in the first place – differentiating you from the pack!

“How long were you a 2nd Officer for on Ro-pax vessels?”; “How much time do you have on LNG vessels as Chief Engineer?”; “How long were you with your last company?” or; “When are you able to apply for your next certificate? ”… the list goes on.

To work this all out you really need to stop what you’re doing, sit down and do the maths. It’s not as plain sailing as you think, you need to track a career worth of assignments and on top of that, you’re spending time at your desk away from loved ones or what you would rather be doing.

But this doesn’t need to be the case – your sea service analytics on your my-ankaa dashboard can give you all the information you need literally at a glance. With a click of a few buttons you could have the answers right in front of you!

But where do we get the data to create your sea service analytics?

Your sea time analytics are pulled directly from the assignments section of your my-ankaa profile. From your dashboard, you can quickly see your sea service by time in rank, time in company and time on vessel type.

Cadets! Did you know that if you sign up to my-ankaa as soon as you start getting your certificates to go to sea as my-ankaa will save you hours of administration work? At a glance, you can quickly tell whether you have the sea time to get your Notice of Eligibility!

5 steps to keep your sea service analytics up to date:

  1. Login to my-ankaa by clicking here or if you haven’t yet signed up click here and follow the instructions.
  2. Once logged in click on the Assignments section on the menu at the left-hand side.
  3. Then click on the + button at the top right-hand corner next to the search box.
  4. Input your Assignments details then click save.
  5. Return to your dashboard to see your sea time analytics updated.

TOP TIP: Whilst you’re in the Assignment section why don’t you input details of the experience you gain on each assignment. This data will then be pulled into your professional CV* which you can then send across to the Agency at a moment’s notice.

* Please note the professional CV download is part of our premium features, but Sea Service Analytics free to all, where you can choose which parts of your profile and which documents you want to send to your employer or agency. Upgrading your account to go Premium is easy, just click here.

Remember, if you have any questions please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our team here.

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