Expiry Alerts – Saving You From Yourself!

So you’ve signed up for your my-ankaa account, you’ve downloaded the app, you’ve even liked the Facebook page (if you haven’t yet, click here) and now you’re sitting there wondering what’s next. Right?

Right, let’s get you started shall we. You will know that my-ankaa is the best way to track your sea-time, store your documents and share your files. You’ll probably also already know that you can add assignments and mark dates in your calendar but did you know about expiry alerts?

We know that keeping track of your documents is a bit of a chore; we have been there too. With this in mind, we have given you the ability to set not one, but TWO document expiry alerts meaning you have plenty time to arrange your training and can give your brain a rest. You are so very welcome!

So how do you set up and expiry alert? It’s easy…

  1. Log In
  2. Navigate to Documents using the menu on the left
  3. Click the + button and start adding your new document information.
  4. At the bottom of the form tick the box called ‘Reminder’ and add the dates that you want to be alerted to this documents expiry
  5. Click on the save button and you’re done!


If you have already uploaded your documents and just want to add expiry alerts to the file then click on the pencil icon to edit at any time which will let you edit the document from step 4!

It’s so simple to keep your files up to date that you can add in expiry alerts while you’re travelling, in front of the TV or use it to fill some of the downtime on your next assignment!

We hope this has been useful, there will more blogs coming to highlight the features we have! If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our team on feedback@my-ankaa.com.


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