Documents – How Do You Store Yours?

Since we launched we have had a few people asking why they should use my-ankaa instead of other online storage platforms – this is a great question and we’re glad you asked! 

With an ordinary online storage platform, you can keep copies of your certificates online and in the one place so you can access them at any time which is useful. However, being seafarers ourselves we know that you need more than just an online storage platform.

With the majority of certificates expiring every five years it can be difficult to keep track of when they need to be renewed and if you don’t have them renewed in time then you can’t work. We don’t want that to happen!

An online storage platform will not remind you that your certificates are expiring so you would need to set the reminders yourself – which let’s be honest is just giving you unnecessary added stress and admin.

This where we come in, to revolutionise the maritime industry.

My-ankaa is so much more than just an online document storage platform. Not only can you store copy documents, but you can even set alerts and reminders in plenty of time for your documents expiring so you can get them renewed and don’t miss out on work.

That’s right we will remind you – all you need to do is tell us when.

So as soon as you’ve had your medical you can update my-ankaa, upload a picture of your certificate and send it to the office via a secure URL link…it literally takes minutes and can be done from wherever you are!

We also get rid of the hassle of continuously updating your CV. Every time you add an assignment or new certification, we will automatically update your CV for you. This means that if a recruiter wants to see your latest CV… all you need to do is download it and send it to them.

We’ll also calculate and provide analytics on your sea time – such as time in rank, time in company, and time on vessel type.

To have your entire sea service documented in a clear format that automatically updates your CV is very useful when applying for positions allowing new companies full visibility of your experience.

No longer do you need to spend hours in front of a computer…or a calculator.

As stated in a recent article by Knect365 “there was no platform that provided a full service management system” until my-ankaa.

So, we’ll ask you again, how do you store yours?

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