Assignments – What, Why and How?!

We thought it was about time we talked about your Assignments.

What are they? Why is it important to complete this part of the profile and most of all how do you do it?! Take a minute to read this short blog and we’ll guide you through Assignments.

The Assignments section is where you keep track of all your work assignments, whether they are at sea or working on a shore based project such as posting to the office or a new build project. To make the most of this feature we advise that you enter all your previous assignments with as much accuracy as you can. This will make you stand out from the crowd and allow interested parties to see the full picture.

There are four reasons why you should take the time to complete this part of your my-ankaa profile which are;

  1. To view in-depth analytics of your sea service. For example, how much sea time did you gain on your last trip and how much more do you need to do until you are eligible for going for your next certificate of competence? We know the answer at the click of a button, but do you?
  2. We are building your professional CV for you! Every time you add assignments and documents we update your CV! When you are ready to send it to a prospective employer, you know it is up to date, has full information and you can choose which bits of information to export and how long you wish to share it for. A professional looking CV, with all your information available at any time wherever you are in the world.*
  3. When applying for vacancies sharing your my-ankaa profile with your up-to-date assignments and experience tells potential employers what matters and what experience you carry.
  4. Save you hours of administration work when applying for the likes of your Notice of Eligibility, confirming to your employer or prospective employer you meet the oil majors experience criteria – the information is available at a glance via your sea service analytics on your my-ankaa dashboard.
* Please note the professional CV download is part of our premium features where you can choose which parts of your profile and which documents you want to send to your employer or agency. Upgrading your account to go Premium is easy, just click here.

TOP TIP: If you’re on a rotational assignment we even have a button for that! Tick the Rotational box and add in your at sea dates. This saves you having to add the same assignment details every time you go away!

As always, if you have any questions please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our team on

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