4 Tips on Writing a CV for Jobs at Sea

The process for applying for a job with shipping companies hasn’t changed much over the years. All companies want to see your sea service and qualifications/certification before deciding whether to shortlist you for a role.

Which is why we thought it would be useful to give you some top tips to help you to keep to the facts, avoid too much narrative and ensure you include what they want to see.

1.Stick to the facts

Most importantly the key is to keep to the basics: education, qualifications, certification, non-mandatory specific training or the likes of pilotage exemption certification etc together with detailed sea service including rank, ships names, company, vessels’ size.

2. Detail your experience

Sea Service is arguably the most important part of your CV and it is generally the first thing anyone assessing your CV looks at. Ideally narrative should be added against each ship to provide insight into specifics which will make you stand out as a candidate.

Deck Officers and Ratings should include trading area, type of cargo’s if applicable, details such as involvement in grade changes, surveys, inspections, dry dockings, audits, difficult mooring operations, manoeuvres and any incidents.

Engineering Officers and Ratings must include the type of engine, engine power and details of ancillary equipment you have worked with, also where you have identified and solved specific technical issues encountered with specific equipment; major overhauls, rebuilds etc.

3. Detail how you made a difference, and your role within the team

Regardless whether you’re Deck or Engine, being able to show you made a difference to the team and describing your part in challenging situations in a short and concise manner makes you stand out.

4. Ensure your CV is concise

One way to ensure you have a concise and easily digestible format for your CV, sign up to my-ankaa for free today and have my-ankaa create your CV for you!

All you need to do is when you input your Assignments and full details of all documentation and certification, add your narrative into the notes section about specifics of voyages. It is really that simple.

my-ankaa ensures your CV is always up to date with the latest information potential employers want to see. The system provides detailed analytics on your sea service – time in company, time in rank, time on specific vessels type. Prompts you close to certificate renewal time and provides you the ability to send all the detail potential employers want with no mails being blocked as being too large.

Increasingly junior and senior personnel are sending  CV’s which say more about themselves, hobbies and personal statement than concentrating on what the companies  need to see. When it comes to certification and vessel  experience, the more detailed the better. It also shows you can make the effort to provide a detailed sea service. Sending copies of your discharge book sends the wrong signal.

To find out more about the my-ankaa click here.

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