Struggling to write or update your CV?

The Shipping Industry is pretty unique in that personal statements and lots of narrative are not required. Frankly, it does little to benefit you and does not get you across the line for interview or hire.

What do Superintendents and Hiring Managers want to see?

A CV that does the following:

  • Keeps to the point.
  • Confirms all certification you hold.
  • Details all the ships you have been on, including when and in what position.
  • In some cases, the Superintendent or Hiring Manager will want to know your time in rank, ship type and company.
  • Include what you have done whilst onboard the ships. For example, where was it trading, what was the cargo, engines, auxiliaries, grade changes, gas freeing ops, PEC’s held, difficult manoeuvres, major dry dockings, new build experience, incidents and your part in making a difference to the team onboard?

At the interview, the Superintendent will simply peruse your discharge book asking questions about the ships you have been on – so get in there first and provide him the answers from the outset.

It’s simple!

To make it even easier, my-ankaa enables you to provide all of this in a very simple neat and concise format. It also allows you to keep it current by updating certification and sea service on the go.

When compiling your assignments, my-ankaa tabulates your sea service and provides useful analytics such as time in company, rank, ship and ship type.

With each assignment, you can add limited narrative for basic details, such as cargoes, grade changes, gas freeing, surveys, engine and auxiliary type, major overhauls and why you made a difference to the team onboard by helping to solve issues.

The format is easily digestible and if you take time to ensure you input all your sea service, you will stand out from the crowd. Too often seafarers don’t provide an accurate and full sea service when applying for jobs.

With my-ankaa you can even store and share all your valid certificates* via a time-lapsing URL link, getting rid of bulky email attachments.

Remember, there is absolutely no need to include a personal statement or your hobbies in your CV.

What ships, when, where and certificates…are vital!

Take a look at what a shared profile looks like, here.

To sign up to my-ankaa today click here.

*To store more than 4 certificates on my-ankaa, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership. This can be done by going to the Settings section within your profile. Login to upgrade now.

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