10 Reasons why all seafarers need my-ankaa

My-ankaa is the only app and portal that is built by seafarers for seafarers, which meets the everyday needs of seafarers working in maritime industry under the scrutiny of MLC.

My-ankaa is the brain-child of Ian Livingstone, the Managing Director of Clyde Marine Recruitment. He has over 25 years of experience within the marine industry as a seafarer, recruitment and crew manager. The Ankaa team have worked in the marine industry for a combined total of over 75 years.

So, we know as seafarers ourselves the most annoying aspects of being a seafarer– all the chores that even a well-seasoned mariner finds difficult.

So here are 10 reasons why all seafarers need my-ankaa:

  1. Keep copies of all your certificates stored safely and securely in the cloud
  2. Access your certificates anytime, anywhere via our mobile app or portal.
  3. Send your profile at a moment’s notice to potential employers.
  4. Save yourself hours in administration work by updating your profile every time you get a new certificate or go on an assignment.
  5. Never forget to renew a certificate again as my-ankaa sends you multiple renewal alerts prior to your certificate expiring.
  6. See at a glance how much sea time you have by company, by rank and by vessel type, thanks to the my-ankaa sea service analytics.
  7. My-ankaa gives potential employers the most up to date profile and immediately provides all they really need to know about your suitability for a particular role.
  8. Be ready for the digital revolution which will hit the maritime industry! Already Classification societies are providing digital ships certificates.
  9. Save your data usage by sharing a link to your my-ankaa profile.
  10. Send a professional CV to potential employers at a click of a button as my-ankaa ensures your profile is always up to date.*

To sign up to my-ankaa for FREE today click here  and start seeing the benefits today.

* Please note the professional CV download is part of our premium features where you can choose which parts of your profile and which documents you want to send to your employer or agency. Upgrading your account to go Premium is easy, just click here.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our team on feedback@my-ankaa.com.

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