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My-Ankaa: For Individual Seafarers

My-Ankaa provides a secure digital portal and app for all members to store documents, manage validity dates, track analyse and share sea time providing a real time profile you control.

My-Ankaa will send document expiry notifications and allow you to forward plan your training/refresher requirements in a timely manner.

Additional storage, advanced profile settings and a whole host of additional features are due to be released shortly.

Member Features

Member Benefits

Enjoy a whole host of benefits with both my-ankaa:

  • Free to join
  • Mobile app available for IOS & Android
  • Build & share your real-time digital profile through the my-ankaa app
  • Store and update documents quickly and easily, wherever you are in the world
  • Never miss a certificate renewal thanks to timely expiry alerts
  • Save your data by sharing your documents via secure URL link


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