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Crew Bank Account Management Tool

In association with the leading maritime payments specialist, MarTrust, Ankaa is now offering shipping companies smoother waters around paying crew wages.

A basic Ankaa Marine package is provided to MarTrust customers, so their crew can use a mobile app and portal where they can create their digital profiles.

Through the app and portal, crew members can update their credentials and banking details as well as upload relevant documentation securely. So if there is ever an issue with any salary payments, MarTrust and intermediary banks can access the crew members’s online profile and validate the needed information in order to complete the payment processing.

Access is provided through via one-time password protected, time limited URLs,

Through the crew mobile app and portal, seafarers can update and share their banking details and documentation securely. The system includes MarTrust verification of a valid IBAN or Swift code input by the seafarer.

The Crew Bank Account Management Tool can be used standalone service, or as part of Ankaa Recruiter and Ankaa Marine modules.

MarTrust provides customised maritime payment services, specialising in international crew and vendor payments, performing secure transactions at low cost.  


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