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Globally, Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Crewing Agencies and Seafarers have always been challenged with effectively gathering, sharing, processing and ensuring security of personal data.

Ankaa, is an easy to navigate, centralised, cloud-based, database which provides various interfaces to manage, share and process personal data securely.

Ankaa Recruiter and Ankaa Marine can operate standalone or as a combined solution interfacing with modern databases systems to provide ship management companies and crewing agencies with a fresh approach to solving today’s challenges.

A Revolution in Protecting Data Privacy

Tightening data privacy legislation in many jurisdictions requires us to evidence that there are methods in place to ensure seafarers’ personal data is safe and secure at all times.

Ankaa ‘s radical new approach allows companies to gather and share personnel data internally and to 3rd parties securely, ensuring data privacy is maintained.

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Ankaa Recruiter

Making the recruitment process efficient and secure from beginning to end.

Say good bye to heavy attachments.  Each applicant follows a secure process to enter personal data, upload certification direct to the database and must accept the data privacy policy to complete the application.

With Ankaa Recruiter, you’ll benefit from significant administrative efficiencies improving candidate and client experience. All data is catalogued and can be analysed at the touch of a button.

Share profiles securely with time lapsing, one time password URL’s ensuring nobody is sitting on data they should not be.

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Ankaa Marine

Enhancing the link and efficiencies between the Company, their crewing department and Seafarers.

Ankaa Marine is a unique tool for managing and maintaining crew data with separate portals for Recruitment, Crewing Department, Captains and Crew. It can also provide secure access to relevant third parties such as Owner, Charterer or Banks. Crew members receive a company-branded mobile app to aid communication, provide certificate validity alerts and securely update banking details or certification in real-time.

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Crew Bank Account Management Tool

Making international seafarer payments more secure, more efficient and more accurate.

In association with the leading maritime payments specialist, MarTrust, Ankaa is now offering shipping companies smoother waters around paying crew wages.  Ankaa utilises the MarTrust banking verification tool to ensure IBAN or SWIFT code is for a genuine account. It also ensures the bank details are shared securely.

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