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Ankaa Recruiter, an industry first, automates the process of gathering seafarer personal details, certification and sea service.

Vacant positions can be published to your website, social media and other traditional medias providing a seamless process for applicants.

Data Privacy is at the forefront of the entire system

From the outset, Candidates acceptance of the data privacy policy is recorded, and date stamped.

Personal data, sea service including voyage narrative on a vessel by vessel basis, bank details and copies of certification are uploaded by the seafarer directly into the digital database, removing the need for bulky email attachments which can cause significant transmission issues.

Sea service analytics for time in rank, company, vessel and vessel type are calculated and summarised from the data entered.

The system provides the data needed to assess candidates quickly and easily on a generic  format.

Following vetting shortlisted candidate profiles can be shared for review using secure, one-time password protected URLs internally within the office or to third party clients.

The system ensures data is not being retained unnecessarily within the organisation or with a Client as the URL access terminates after a defined time frame.

Automated processes

SEAs and Joiner forms are populated automatically using the data from the system and the vacancy listed again avoiding cumbersome manual processes. Time sheet management with contracted crew moved from recruitment to payroll.  As well as an automated process for time sheet approval and invoicing.

Real time visibility of contracted crew to client or owner

Recruiter Features


There are a whole host of benefits for recruiters using Ankaa Recruiter:

  • One- time data entry by candidate
  • Easy to review and compare seafarer credentials,including seafarer seatime analytic
  • Securely share selected crew data via time-lapsing, one-time password protected URLs
  • Share real-time Contractor information with Clients
  • Automated production of SEA
  • System linked to Company branded seafarer mobile app
  • Data privacy compliance from start to finish
  • Time sheet management
  • Auditable trail of contract crew costs.

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