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Ankaa Marine is a simple, easy to navigate, secure crew database for managing and maintaining crew pool data

Using controlled access to office, master and crew whilst providing integrity of data securely, this essential tool aims to simplify the vast administration burden created for everyone by crew management activities, whilst maintaining data privacy.

Real-time Crew Data at your Fingertips

All crew data is hosted in the cloud and updated in real-time through a portal and mobile app. Full seafarer profiles include full personal data, banking details, travel documentation, certificate copies embedded within profile, next of kin details, SEA’s, sea service and current assignment location.

Managing documentation has never been easier

Crewing departments and seafarers will receive timely document renewal alerts and can immediately see vessels or individuals with potential certification deficiencies.

Seafarers can upload new certification direct from the mobile app and the document lock feature ensures the integrity of the system is maintained once new documents have been verified by the crewing department.

Crew App and Portal Improves Communication

Crewing departments, Masters and Seafarers can add commentary to the database such as action on certification renewal and travel details, which are visible to all relevant parties in real-time.

Useful Reports and Analytics

Ankaa Marine provides real time visibility on deployment of crew assigned or on-board any vessel within company or fleet group.

Specifically, tailored interface for vessel’s master with automated crew list function and muster list assistance using useful certificate search features. Crew list distribution to confirmed address list on completion.

Data Privacy is Paramount

Ankaa Marine provides a secure method of gathering and sharing personal data internally and with 3rd parties involved in the operation of the ship such as Charterer, Client, Travel Agents, Ships Agents and banks.

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Crewing Features

Captain Features

Ankaa Marine Benefits

Crewing Department Captain Crew
Sensitive Personnel information is stored securely in one place, with flexible access rights Visibility on all assigned crew, documentation and contracts with assistance to muster Real-time digital profile shared with office via Company branded mobile app and web portal
Document management for fleet, ship or individuals.

Certificate expiry alerts with push notifications to seafarer and corrective action commentary

Automated crew list function with simple on/off sign Update certificates and personal information direct from your phone using the photo function
Detailed crew pool analytics and report functions Warn on-signing crew of berth change or weather delay through messaging service Certificate expiry reminders
Data privacy policy acceptance Easy access to company communication
Document Vault for sensitive HR records
Communication tool to crew members via Mobile App for sharing company news, travel details or policy changes and expiry alerts.
Provide secure access to 3rd parties
Banking verification tool

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