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A unique digital solution to revolutionise the way seafarer’s data is collected, stored, processed and shared in real-time within a secure online environment. 

For Ship Owners/Managers Ankaa is a centralised, easy to navigate, cloud-based crew database which is designed to protect seafarer data privacy, simplify processes and save time.

For Seafarers, My-Ankaa was created to overhaul, future proof and improve the way in which they manage and share their certificate portfolio via a secure digital app and portal.

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Our Services

Ankaa Recruiter

Making the
recruitment process
efficient and secure from
start to finish

Ankaa Marine

Enhancing the link and
efficiencies between the
Company, their crewing
department and Seafarers.

My-Ankaa Public

Store, share and maintain your
real-time CV from anywhere,
at any time securely. Give the
Hiring Manager what they want.

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